Cheapest Courier Service From China To Malaysia

BGST Resources Sdn Bhd has good services from China to Malaysia. BGST also handles cargo shipments from China or from Malaysia to the rest of the world. BGST has 9 years of experience in the management of the cargo industry whose services are trusted. BGST provides door to door service meaning goods from China to Malaysia or from Malaysia to China can be delivered to the customer’s doorstep. BGST also accepts orders of goods from foreign countries but the customer’s goods will be placed at the port only.

BGST Resources Sdn Bhd provides two delivery services as the cheapest courier service from China to Malaysia methods, namely Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Container Load (LCL). FCL is a shipment that uses one container and only one customer will not mix with other customer’s containers or goods. FCL also has three types of containers. The first is a full 20 foot container equivalent to 28 cbm. The second 40 feet equals 65 cbm. While LCL is a delivery that uses one container but mixed with various customers. There are two types of delivery provided by BGST namely Sea Freight and Air Freight.

Sea freight is suitable for large and heavy items. Sea freight has two warehouses in China namely Guangzhou and Yiwu. The prices for the two warehouses are different because the distance of Yiwu is farther from GuangZhou. Maximum 1 CBM = 500 kg. If more than 500 kg it will be 2 CBM. Price list MINIMUM CHARGE 0.5 CBM only for normal items only. For sensitive items there will be an additional charge.

Here is the calculation method for Sea freight using CBM:

CBM = (Length X Wide X Height) cm / 1000,000

Airfreight is always used for small and light items. There is only one warehouse used by Airfreight, which is a warehouse in Guangzhou. The weight calculation for the Airfreight is based on physical weight or volumetric weight, whichever is highest.

The following is a method for estimating volumetric weight:

KG = (Wide X Length X Height) cm / 6000

Estimated Arrival Time for Seafreight is 3-4 weeks from Guangzhou while from Yiwu for 4-5 weeks. Estimation for Airfreight is 7 – 10 days. The party involved during the shipment of cargo is the party either by air or by sea. As the cheapest courier service from China to Malaysia, there are parties which and they are:

Development agents in export and import countries.

 Example in BGST, we will manage ship booking, loading date for departure, export documents for export/ import and others.

Warehouse/ transportation company between the two countries.

 BGST has its own warehouse to collect and distribute goods, however we use the service. (Outsider transport)

Aircraft/ airship.

 Carrier services carrying cargo/ goods. For example, Cosco, Wan Hai, Maersk, DHL, UPS, Mas Kargo. The shipping agent will place the order for the customer.

Customs officers in export and import countries.

 Their job is to ensure that import/ export rules are complied with. Both countries have a ‘handshake’ agreement to abide by.

In conclusion, the delivery process involving two countries is not an easy process. On the other hand, this process requires special scrutiny to ensure the goods shipped are safe and in good condition. As one of the cheapest courier service from China to Malaysia provider, BGST will always meet every demand of customers in the future. If you are out there who want to use a forwarder China to Malaysia, please call the number listed on the main page of the website.

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