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BGST Resources Sdn Bhd provides delivery of goods services from China to Malaysia. As a freight forwarder company, BGST will be in charge of handling cargo from China or Malaysia or to anywhere that you would like the goods to be delivered. Other than console delivery, we also accept delivery for full container (FCL).

Full Container Load (FCL) definition

FCL is seafreight delivery using one full container owned by the client. All goods in the container belongs to one person or one client only with no goods combined with other people. Measurement of the container is divided into 2 which is 20ft and 40ft.

However delivering using FCL is also suitable for business people when their goods are easily damaged, flammable, or  requires special care (example: charcoal). Goods that require a certain temperature such as frozen food, fruits and vegetables is advised to use FCL.

Benefit of delivering via Full Container Load (FCL)

Every type of delivery using seafreight has its own advantages. However, delivering using FCL the benefits are :

  • Your goods are not mixed with other senders goods
  • The risk of goods sent to a wrong address is at 0%
  • Sender will not need to wait for the container to be fully loaded unlike console delivery
  • Using FCL is actually economical and profitable for the sender

Is sending using 1 container cheaper?

Are you the type who buys goods from China in large quantity? For example 30 to 70 cbm a month? If yes, this is the cheapest shipping method using 1 container compared to shipping using cbm.

For example :

Delivering cost using cbm to Selangor is now at RM450/cbm.

Now let’s take a look at the cost for 1 container: If an approximate overall shipping cost including tax for a 40 feet HQ bringing in normal goods is around RM 25,000. A 40 feet container can load up to 76cbm of goods.  Let’s calculate:

RM 25,000 / 76 cbm = RM 329

Shipping cost for 1 container is only at RM329 compared to cbm which is RM450. You will be able to save up to RM121/cbm !

If you are importing goods from China for 76cbm (1 container), you will be able to save RM 9,196!!

That’s a lot right? Our advice to you if you are using cbm, start using container!!

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BGST Resources Sdn Bhd

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