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Do you buy goods from China? It does not matter if it’s from direct supplier or through Alibaba online website, 1688, Taoboo and others.

Purchasing goods from China through online is easy, just click and select. However, most people are not used to purchasing via online which delays purchasing of goods especially at the payment section from RM (Ringgit Malaysia) to Yuan/RMB. And if you are dealing with China supplier via WeChat you may still have difficulty in payment.

Did you know that transferring money to anywhere in the world can be done using money transfer service? The transfer of money from Malaysia can be done to other parts of the world via PayPal, MoneyGram or Western Union.

Despite that, there are some major problems that may be a hindrance when making your payment to the supplier in China. Among others are :

1- Standing in queue at the bank or remit agent

Who enjoys standing in long queue to make payments?

2- The amount transferred in USD is inaccurate with high rates.

For example, if a payment of 10,000 Yuan needs to be made to the supplier but only 9,500 Yuan is received by them. Than you will need to TopUp and do a 2nd payment. This happens often due to fluctuation of currency and unforeseen bank charges between both banks.

3- The payment process at times can take a long time if it is done via bank. Most money transfer using agents can take 1-5 working days.

4- It is troublesome to create a new account

5- High transaction charges

Each transaction will be charged

Solution :

In order to overcome the problems that is caused in transferring money, BGST Resources will be able to assist you in paying your suppliers from China. Our company provides import export service from China to Malaysia that consist of wholesale guidance, payment assistance to supplier in China till the arrival of goods at the doorstep of the buyer in Malaysia.


BGST has an account in China, hence we will be assist in making a payment on behalf of you to the suppliers in China.

What are the benefits in using us :

  • We have been operating for more than 10 years hence our credibility in China has been established
  • Our service is trustable, fast and easy and the most important thing is the yuan amount received by supplier from you is accurate
  • We can make payments to any banks in China, Alipay or WeChat
  • Refund using RMB/Yuan from China will be accepted by us
  • An easy process with no hassle of queuing and payment enquiries can be done via phone
  • Supplier will receive your payment within the same day once we receive your payment
  • Our rates are accurate and precise
  • Our charges for each transaction are low

If you are interested with our money transfer service to China that we have to offer, message us via whatsapp :

To know more about us, do visit our website at :

Website:  www.bgst.com.my

Linked: https://www.linkedin.com/in/borong-china-services-and-trading-aa5b1a205/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BorongChinaServices

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