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BGST Resources Sdn Bhd is a company that markets and supplies gloves / examination gloves made of nitrile glove & Latex glove. These gloves are made in Malaysia and we will be able to supply in bulk quantity to any place in the world. 

We also have connections with factories that are in Malaysia and also abroad. Since the beginning of  2020 till date, BGST has supplied around 1 million boxes of Malaysian made gloves within Malaysia and also countries such as Iran, UK, Spain etc.

Type of gloves supplied by BGST:

1) Non powdered (powder free) Rubber Glove

Rubber Gloves are usually blue in colour and is elastic. These gloves are less resistance to chemicals and sharp objects. Latex Gloves are suitable to be used in industrial as well as medical material handling. For those who have skin allergy, it is not advisable to use powder free Latex Gloves. Each box contains 100 pairs of gloves.

2) Powdered Rubber Glove

These gloves are different from the non-powdered. Powdered rubber gloves is for ease of wearing it and it absorbs sweat. These gloves are made 100% from latex and are comfortable to use. It also has high elasticity.

3) Nitrile Glove

Nitrile gloves are the most popular. It is different from latex gloves as its made of synthetic rubber. These gloves are the best alternative especially for users who have allergies using rubber gloves. Nitrile gloves is also puncture resistance to sharp objects. Because of this, Nitrile gloves are used in the medical field and also the culinary industry.

Due to the current pandemic that has affected the whole world, the demand for gloves globally has increased by 20%.

BGST is your solution if you are seeking supply for rubber glove/nitrile glove with a minimum order of 1 container (40 boxes)

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