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BGST Resources Sdn Bhd provides deliveries of good service from China to Malaysia. BGST also manages cargo shipment from China or from Malaysia to anywhere in the world. Our Shipping services are through console and full container (FCL).   BGST is a trusted service and we have 9 years of experience in the management of cargo industries.

Deliveries of goods using LCL (Less Container Load) is where a delivery in one container consist of multiple senders combined into that particular container. Where else FCL (Full Container Load), is where goods delivered using one container with only one sender. FCL is strictly for only a client or one customer goods with no mix of others belongings.

Cost of delivery from China to Malaysia:

Many are confused in calculating delivery cost from China to Malaysia. There are 2 ways of calculating which is sea freight and airfreight.

Cost of delivery for seafreight is based on how much space is used by the good in the container. CMB (or known as M3), the charges is between RM470-RM660/CBM  depending on the delivery location. The maximum weight accepted is 0.5CMB. This charges is from China warehouse to your doorstep which includes tax, logistic, and management cost except for certain goods that are heavy/sensitive.

Cost of delivery for airfreight is based on the weight of the goods that is weighted or volumetric weight whichever that is the highest. Volumetric weight is based on the county size of the box sent.

The formula for calculation is Length x Width x Height (cm) / 6000. This figure will be compared to the weight or the volumetric and whichever that is the highest will be used. For example if the weight is 5kg on the weighing scale and the volumetric weight is 7kg. Cost will be based on 7kg. Per kg the cost will be between RM 17 – RM 25 / kg according to the types of goods.

Parties involved during the cargo delivery:

Many people think that the shipping service is all within one company. The actual fact is there are many parties are involved whether it’s through air or sea.

The parties involved are:

  • Forwarding agent in country of eksport and import

Example for BGST, we will handle the booking of the ship, the date for loading for departure, eksport documents for export/import and others.

  •    Warehouse / haulier companies between both the countries

   BGST  has its own warehouse to collect and distribute the goods, however we use the services  

   of an outsider haulier (trucker)

  • Ocean/Air liner

Carrier service that brings you cargo / goods. For example: Cosco, Wan Hai, Maersk, DHL, UPS, Mas Kargo. The forwarding agent will books the liners for customers.

  • Custom officers in both export and import country

Their duty is to ensure that the import / export regulations are adhered. Both countries have a ‘handshake’ agreement to adhere

As all parties have their specific duties and jurisdictions and their own timeframe, BGST will not able to provide answers to the questions below:

  • Can the goods be sent earlier just for me

BGST do not have the authority to quicken the process

  • Can my goods cut the queue?

Management of the cargo is all in the system and there is no cutting the queue. However you can do early booking

  • Can you ask custom officer to clear the cargo / goods faster?

This can’t be done by BGST unless the customers have their own cables within the customs

In conclusion, the delivery process of the goods from China to Malaysia is not an easy flow as delivering using Post office. There are various procedure and process involved. Logistic company will provide an ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) with no confirmation date. At times there may be a  postponement due to weather condition, custom clearance and etc. It is advisable to plan in advance the buying of goods from China in a proper way to ensure the delivery arrives at the time you desire.

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